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I highly recommend using Sally Lichter, Esq as your divorce attorney. My personal attorney recommended I used Sally. After the initial meeting with Sally, I immediately knew she would be easy to work with and would get the best outcome for me. There was no delay in starting to work on my case. I really appreciated how thorough she was and there for me every step of the way. Whether it was providing counsel, discussing next steps, attending depositions, completing financial statements, or attending court appearances. Sally’s counsel was spot on, and she provided easy to understand reasoning for her actions. She was always one step ahead of my ex’s attorneys throughout the entire process. She anticipated their every move and what they would ask for next. I was never caught off guard. When my divorced was finalized, I felt the outcome was favorable and equitable. Do not hesitate to retain Sally as your divorce attorney or any of the other practice areas Sally provides.

Stuart G.

Amazing attorney who fights for your child’s best interest. Sally is an instinctive, thoughtful and empathetic family law attorney with extensive experience with fighting for your parenting rights. Further she has strong experience of a guardian ad litem which I believe helps reinforce her experience with family law. She helped us through a very long and difficult case. Throughout she was transparent and helped us through it because the system itself is grueling and lengthy with numerous status updates, pre-trial etc. Her perseverance helped pave the way for equal parenting rights. For that I am forever grateful. She is highly recommended.

Tony F.

Sally truly cares about her clients and always has their best interests at heart. She is honest and straightforward. Her paralegal, Patti, is always helpful as well. She is always on top of important dates and correspondence. Divorce is hard, no matter what your situation is. Having Sally is in your corner can help to alleviate some of that.  I highly recommend Sally Lichter!

Teri M.

What a GAL should be! My case was a four year train wreck for my child, the rest of my family and myself. The first three my ex was allowed and rewarded for telling the worst possible lies with zero evidence. We had already been through two GAL's but the accusations were so outlandish and the amount of unfounded DCFS cases was so staggering the judge had no choice but to bring on a third GAL. Once Sally Lichter entered things started to change immediately. Truth mattered and she made it clear you had better stick to it. She brought hope and though her comments were not always flattering or in line with how I saw the situation she kept pushing for my daughters sake. She actually talked to my other children, she asked questions, she showed up. At the end she avoided the standard and really laid out the truth for judge. Because of her report, my ex's firm finally wanted to call and make a deal. Even though I may have been able to get more I now have 50/50 with my baby girl. I think that makes my daughter the most happy and that is all I wanted from the beginning. Without Sally's refusal to look more into what was going on and her ability to call a spade a spade that would have not happened. I've watched closely and she brings that dedication in all the cases I have seen. I cannot imagine what more you would want from a Guardium ad litem.

Ryan L.

Excellent choice if you are looking for an outstanding divorce attorney, whether you are a man or woman going through this tough time. Sally represented me in a challenging divorce but throughout the process was always prepared, knew the system, and was very fair on cost. She is a very quick study which is great because she gets up to speed on the case quickly and recalls all the facts as the case moves along. Her years of experience in this area serve the client well as she knows the judges and is very well respected. This means that when she speaks to judges they trust what she says. Regarding children, she has served as a child rep for many years and has a great approach with respect to issues related to children, kids come first. In short, could not recommend Sally any higher. She will serve you well.

John L.

I cannot say enough about the amazing work our Guardian at Litem (GAL) has done on behalf of our child. Ms. Sally Litcher takes her role as a GAL seriously. Her sole interest is the well-being of your child and being an advocate for them. She will give both parents the opportunity to speak with her about their concerns.  However, she remains neutral throughout the process and will form her opinion without bias. Her reports are thorough and clearly outline her recommendations. My case was very difficult but she was extremely helpful and was key in our case. She was devoted to the wellbeing of our daughter and has visited our home when needed to check on our child.  Her court reports held weight in court because her work is respected and the judge knows she is thorough and accurate in her findings. Her professional standing among her peers is pristine and everyone in court looks up to her insights. When it comes to court experience, our GAL has been in the field for many years, so you know she is going to do the right thing. I hope that you never need a GAL, but if you are in the need of one, you can count on Ms. Litcher to do what is right for your child. 

Omar R.

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